Guides and training.


Below are some screen shots and if you click the icon the full VM guide and and Trafford training books which I devleoped for my team in store.


As branch VM for Hawes and Curtis Trafford I developed a simple guide. This was so other members of staff could take it upon themselves to learn techniques and the Hawes and Curtis way. It also meant that in my absence standards are kept. The book also contains informaiton on garment fits and specs in case they cannot remeber and need quick access to the informaiton. It can also be used to train new staff on the presentaiton and some product knowledge at Hawes and Curtis.


The training book has been specifcally developed for the Trafford store based on what management feel need improving for customer service and prodcut knoweldge.


As there are three main learning styles I have tried to make the book as interactive as possible by using pictures, writing and then vocal as we move through the session.